Faraway… Faraway. 

“Ngor, Ngor, we are here” my sister woke me up. “where are we? ” I asked lost. “my place at portharcourt” she replied getting down from the car. wait what portharcourt?  Portharcourt how? Cletus got down from the driver’s seat and opened the door for me smiling. Arrrrrgh if he smiles one more time!.

I took a very good look at the house it was so big. “Do you live here alone Ada?” I just had to ask. “No, I live here with four of my friends. We do the same work so we stay together.” Okkkkkk. “what of Alhaji, you know the man you ran away with?” her face changed. It became stony. “we parted ways and you would speak of him no more…have I made myself clear”. “whatever, just show me the way to the kitchen I’m hungry ” “dirty girl won’t you take your bathe?” “abeg dirty no dey kill black man, not now let me eat first” Cletus smiled again. “Ada, one last question is he dumb?” I asked pointing at Cletus. She laughed hard “no, but he speaks only Hausa” oooh that explains a lot. 

That night was beautiful, the bed I slept in was big and comfy but, the next day, something happened. My sister sent me out to get a package from a chemist when I got there and told the man who sent me he looked at me with pitiful eyes and said “are you her latest recruit?” “huh?” I asked “how old are you? ” he asked yet again. “huh?” I asked again. “mind your business” a female voice called from behind him. “why should he? ” another female voice replied her and I had to look at them… The face of one of the women, the latter one to be specific looked so familiar and she held my gaze for like 30 seconds before going back to concentrating on the work before her. What did he mean by latest recruit? What was going on? Hope I’m not carrying drugs in this package sha. Is it drugs? Oh my God cocaine?. I moved back slightly “sir, this is not cocaine is it?” I asked eyes scared. “no dear” “then what is in this package?” he sighed, looked straight into my eyes and said “condoms” “huh” “I know it’s none of my business but, you look so innocent… we all suspect your madam is into sex trafficking and forcing innocent girls to sleep with men… Now… If you don’t already know… I really don’t know what I’m saying and again it might just be mere suspicions but just be careful little one” he stammered and handed the package over to me but,… I couldn’t move. Sex trafficking? That would make a lot of sense… Her weird friends, Cletus, the big house and nice cars, the desperation to have me come live with her but surely she won’t force her younger sister into prostitution right? Or could she?. As I picked the package and walked out through the door, my head was lost in thoughts. I didn’t even hear the woman with the familiar face walk up to me until she tapped me and said. “why does it feel like I know you? “

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