Blessing In Disguise? 2

It was past the time Papa return home each day but he was no where to be found. Mama was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake her up. I have finished with the peeling of the cassava tubers long time ago and have even cleared the compound and made dinner. 

“where is Papa? ” my sister asked me. She just returned from the stream where she has been with her friends washing clothes. “On my head” I replied sarcastically and she recoiled. I hated seeing her that way but my mood swings this past days has been crazy. “Mma, I’m sorry” I said to her. “You say that all the time but, never act it” she said and stepped outside. I wanted to follow but I had more serious issues to bother myself with like where Papa was.

“Mama Ngozi!” I heard voices scream. Two distinct unfamiliar voices. I ran out only to see my father being led in by two young men. He was badly injured. I didn’t even realize that I was standing in shock at a point or that Mama was at my back until I heard her scream. “ewooo Chimo. My husband. What is it about today God! “. My little sister went towards the men to assist them and I finally moved my stuck legs and joined. 

“what happened?” mama inquired. “Chief Ernest sent his boys to beat up Mazi.” they replied. Now, Chief Ernest is a rich man my father borrows from all the time. It is known to me that for sometime now, my father has not been able to settle his debts but, did that warrant such beating?. My father started borrowing because, it became really hard to sponsor I and my sister in the University and still feed. My mother took my dad to the room they share and asked me to boil hot water and bring. 

As I approached the room, I heard her talking to my dad. “we cannot continue to suffer like this. Let her go with her sister “. “that child insulted me! her father, no,  Ngozi would not go with her” my daddy replied. “keep being stubborn while we suffer. Don’t you think Ada coming at this exact time is the work of God?, next session would soon start there is no food in the house talkless of money for provision and school fees…” her voice trailed off as I entered and dropped the water. “I would go with Ada” I said and the room became silent. 

After Ada had apologized for her behavior, (an apology that she just gave because she so badly wanted to go back to the city with me and I wonder why🙇), I packed and the next day, we went back to “the city” together. Something just felt wrong about the all these. Ada was just too excited and the Mr Cletus, egbami does he not talk? Why is it that he has just been smiling sheepishly since? How is he a veeeeery good friend? This just feels so wrong, so so so wrong. Is this a blessing in disguise?  A silver lining or a disappointment in a shining foil? 😖

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